Protein Powder

Protein powder is well-proven and the market's most popular dietary supplement. Protein helps the body develop muscle mass. The muscles need protein to develop and counteract muscle breakdown.

Protein is necessary for the body and has several important functions in the body, especially when it comes to recovery. Protein powder from Elit Nutrition is tasty and comes in many different varieties to take during the day.

Different protein powders and protein sources - Which should you choose?

There are different forms of performance enhancers and these work in different ways depending on which form of product it is. The content of each product describes what purpose the product should fulfill in your training.

The products promote focus, pump, strength and endurance. If you spend most of your time at the gym, supplements for pump and strength are preferable.

If your training is more adapted to fitness and low-intensity training, we recommend that you use a performance enhancer that is developed to improve your endurance.

Vassleprotein - Whey

Whey protein comes from milk that has been filtered into powder. It is the most popular choice of protein powder. Whey is quickly absorbed and is very suitable for breakfast or after physical activity. There are different variants of whey/whey protein where Isolate protein similar to ISO

Complex is the protein powder that contains the highest proportion of protein per portion and the lowest lactose and fat content.

Casein Protein

Casein protein comes from milk that has been filtered into powder. Casein protein is a protein that is taken

up more slowly of the body. Casein is therefore very suitable before bed due to the slow secretion of protein throughout the night while you sleep. Casein is also suitable as a snack. Casein from Elit Nutrition can also be prepared as a pudding.

Vegan Protein

Vegan protein contains only vegetable protein sources, which is perfect for vegans/vegetarians or people who want to avoid milk. The protein comes from rice, hemp, oats and peas. Vegan protein is available plain or flavored with stevia.

Mixed Protein

Protein powder also occurs in a mixture of different protein forms. Mixed protein similar to Diet & Fit protein consists of whey, casein and egg protein. Mixed protein suits you who are looking for a meal replacement or want a protein powder that supplements all your protein intake needs throughout the day.

Which protein should I choose?

You have to decide which protein suits you best based on your needs.

Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose weight, a high protein intake is always something you should strive for. Protein powder is effective as a supplement to your diet to achieve the recommended intake

of protein. No matter which protein powder you choose from Elit Nutrition, you can be sure that you will get a high amount of protein.

If you are still wondering which protein powder suits you best, you are most welcome to contact us for detailed advice.