PWO (Pre-Workout)

If you want to speed up your training and want to maximize your training level, it may be beneficial to use a PWO.

PWO is a collective name for performance enhancers which are often taken before physical activity.

If you train a lot and need extra energy, performance enhancers can help you continue to perform
on a high level.

There are different forms of performance enhancers and these work in different ways depending on which form of product it is. The content of each product describes what purpose the product should fulfill in your training.

The products promote focus, pump, strength and endurance. If you spend most of your time at the gym, supplements for pump and strength are preferable.

Är din träning mer anpassad efter kondition samt lågintensiv träning rekommenderar vi att du nyttjar en prestationshöjare som är framtagen för att förbättra dinuthållighet.


With a carefully selected formula, Super Shred will help you eliminate your body fat. With ingredients that ensure that your appetite decreases and at the same time increases your burning in the body, Super Shred will lead you to your changed and healthy body. Super Shred contains clinically tested ingredients that promote fat burning and well-being. Different herbal extracts in combination with raspberry ketones and caffeine make your body burn fat in an effective and natural way.


If you want to get a proper pump in your workout, we have our Super Pump. Super Pump is a powerful pump product that also has a muscle-building effect. The feeling of rushing blood flow to the muscles during an intense workout is unbeatable, that's what we call SUPER PUMP!


A 100% pure creatine supplement that we at Elite nutrition have developed. It gives you the extra stamina during your workout that you need. Elit Creatine from Elit Nutrition contains only pure creatine monohydrate. With the help of a continuous intake of creatine, the muscle's physical performance is enhanced during high-intensity and short-term training. Creatine is a very safe and well-studied dietary supplement that also produces noticeable, quick results.


Increased focus and more concentration during the training session gives proven greater results. Vita Growth from Elit Nutrition consists of a perfect mixture of the carbohydrate sources Waxy Maize and Maltodextrin. Waxy maize has the fantastic property of ultra-fast absorption in the body, which makes it perfectly suited for replenishing depleted glycogen stores after physical activity.